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Nature Impacts Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Seasons

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Nature Impacts Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Seasons

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Nature Impacts Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Seasons

In the story it says that the deer harvest is down from last year.

Wasn't last year a record harvest?

I've read elsewhere from the PGC that the deer herd had been reduced the past 2 years and w/ last years record harvest wouldn't it just make sense that less deer would equal less harvest?

I believe I also read somewhere that this years harvest is right around the 10 year average.

Is any of this info wrong or not make any sense?

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Nature Impacts Pennsylvania Deer Hunting Seasons

I have read that even though the harvest was up last year PGC claims the herd grew by 20% statewide. I dont know but, thats what I heard. I hunted a new area this year and the part in the article about the deer not being in thier traditional areas makes sense to me. I saw 3 bucks on opening day (all too small for the new antler restrictions) but, the other 2 guys hunting on the same property (have hunted it in excess of 10 years each) didn't see any bucks. They just didn't go to the traditional hot spots. I had an advantage of scouting on the day before the opener and found good buck sign and hunted there. Out of the way of the other hunters.