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namibia hippo and crocodile

i just got back form my hunt in namibia. it was quite a trip: mcallen to austin, austin to houston, houston to frankfurt, frankfurt to windhoek, windhoek to katima in the caprivi strip, airport to camp, a mere 5 days of journeying. we hunted hippo and crocodile by boat on the zambezi and by driving around asking the locals if they had seen any of the above recently. day 1--sighted gun in and hunted. no shot opportunities day 2--lots of small crocs and large herds of elephants, no shots given day 3-- by boat, saw a big bull on the banks of zambezi, but he slipped into the water at our approach and no further sightings or croc opportunities day4--staked out the hippo at his beaching area and he never came out, staying on a sandbank out in the river with only his back exposed and too far out to shoot. waded thru a swamp to find a croc, but got only wet feet. day5=--back into the swamp for hippo or croc but no shot opportunities (i wise;y took my shoes and socks off this time). we found an island where hippoes bed down and a croc sunbathing site, so we built a blind to use and after sitting a while left. day 6--checked out some prior sightings, but nothing but a female hippo and calf. back to the blind, reached by dugout canoe and a wade of 200 yards thru the swamp to the island.sat in the sun for 1-2 hours, when suddenly a monster lunged out of the swamp and beached himself. it was a huge looking croc. we let him settle a bit and then i shot with the .375 h&h, using 300 gr nosler partitions. the first shot was at and angle and entered behind the eye socket. he then twisted and faced usw with mouth gaping open. the PH said shoot thru the mouth, so i did. he then closed his mouth slowly and i took a third shot, a 300 gr solid, which hit just above the eye line and we could hear it ricochet off into the distance. after a bit we approached the crocodile. the last shot had crushed the cranium without penetrating but was effective in putting the finishing touch on this croc. he measured 11 fee 8 inches, was missing about the last foot of tail, a chunk of the tail further up and his right hind leg, quite a warrior in his time. shot distance was about 45 yards. after pictures, the locals helped us haul him over the island, then towed behind the dugout to shore, and then into the truck and back to camp. estimated weight 500 to 700 pounds. what a day. day 7--back into the baot to seek the elusive bull of the zambezi. we walked about 1/2 mile thru the reeds to sneak up on him and he was still sitting on a sandbar in the shallows, raising his head occasionally. after waiting two hours and no shot, back to the boat for lunch. we could still see his back. suddenly, he lurched up out of the water and yawned so wide we could see the ivory from half a mile. we piled out of the boat, nearly ran thru the reeds to our brush blind on the river baank, and back to sitting. after a while, as he was closer in then before, i took a shot when he raised his head, using 300 gr solids. he reared up and then began a porpoising run along thru the shallows. i took a total of three more shots, the last entering the neck, and he was down, in about 1 foot of water. we fished him up onto the bank with help from a bunch of zambians who canoed across the river in hopes of free meat. took pictures. he had bullet wound into the front of the left front knee, probably from a poacher, which is why he stayed in one place so much. we left a crew to butcher the bull so the meat could be delivered to a local village in the conservancy. it took them two trips with the boat to get done. a great day. he was covered with gashes and scars from fighting. another old warrior. day 8-10-- off to another conservancy for elephant and possibly kudu or zebra, but none were seen. we did find a badly injured sable and after getting permission, i shot it the next day to put it out of its misery. a 39 inch bull. we went to a local park and saw some great dagga boys and two huge kudu bulls. end of hunt. return the opposite of the way in, but only took 4 days to get back.

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Great story!

Sounds like you had a wonderful trip Kevin. All beautiful trophys and the Sable is to die for! Congrats! Kevin

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A couple great animals there

A couple great animals there Kevin! Congrats!

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i got some bad news from

i got some bad news from namibia recently.  my croc hide and sable cape and hippo tail, which were under government quarantine in the caprivi strip due to an outbreak of bovine hoof and mouth disease (none of the above get that disease), were ruined completely from being stored by said government in a leaky shed while heavy rains came.  so i am out that magnificent croc hide.   that is what hurts the worst.  it was not the PH's fault.  i guess i get to cry a little and await the skulls, horns, and tusks, which survived.  oh well.

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Sounds like a good excuse for

Sounds like a good excuse for another trip.

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