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My Top Ten Fishing Spots

* 10. A little place not too far from here. I'd give you direction but it's kinda complicated.
* 9. You know that riffle about three miles upstream from the old bridge? No? Well, maybe it was downstream. And it's too wide to be a riffle. Actually the high water pretty much changed the bottom. Never mind. Used to be good though. Haven't fished it in seven or eight years.
* 8. Right at the boat launch. No lie.
* 7. You know I kinda get all turned around out here and I'm sure I couldn't find my way back.
* 6. This farm pond, but the guy who owned it had to declare bankruptcy and some surgeon bought it and he won't let me fish it now. I heard he was filling it in.
* 5. O.K. there's a hump out in the middle of Lake Erie where we just tong up the smallmouths using a sink-tip. We found it by accident, but marked it with a Loran. Coordinates? That's the hell of it, the boat was struck by lightning.
* 4. I've heard of people doing good out there, but I've never fished it much.
* 3. A place in Pennsylvania on this little creek. The widow of a dead friend of mind lives on the place. I mean LIVED on the place. She moved to Altoona.
* 2.Loose lips sink ships.
* 1. Ha!

Have any of your own to share?

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