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My too favorite hobbies

Wink Growing up in a family of 8 yes 8(myself being the youngest) 4brothers and 3 sisters I grew to have 2 favorite passions not hobbies. One of course would be Hunting the other would be to build, work on and race Muscle cars. My for older bros were are all mechanics by trade, so i love the muscle cars from them. The love of hunting came from my hero and the guy I look up to the most in my life(next to Jesus) is my Brother Steve. My bro got me into waterfowl hunting and from there my passion just grew and grew. Now Steve is not a big game hunter so learning to do it myself was how i learned as well as from other VERY experienced people. Maybe some of you are interested in this and maybe some are not but I thought Id share just a little of myself with you guys. I would LOVE to hear of your favorite 2 hobbies(PASSIONS) and how they came to be. Thanks for your time and reading this. R. Smith:wink:

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Well, my first passion is my

Well, my first passion is my kids, and I won't share how they came to be.::laugh2  Seriously though, hunting for sure. I learned everything I thought I knew from my Dad. As I have grown older and listened more I have found that there is a lot more than what Dad tought me. Mule Deer is by far my favorite animal to hunt and like most of you I feel lost if I don't have a tag in my pocket. My second passion is Geocaching. I started just to learn how to use my GPS but have grown quite fond of finding tupperware in the woods with multi-million dollar satellites.

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