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My Mentor's Turkey(s)

I finally got a chance to go hunting with the guy responsible for getting me hooked on turkey hunting. He wasn't having much luck this season, had several birds he could have shot but for one reason or another wasn't able to capitalize. I decided to return the favor and took him to one of my hot spots. The birds started gobbling early, but they were being much quieter than normal. We saw a couple of Toms off a ways and heard several others after they came off roost, but couldn't get anything to respond. We kept putting out some purring and light clucking calls about every 15-20 minutes. After about 3 hours of not much activity, from behind us I heard the unmistakeable low drumming. I looked out the back side of the blind and 2 big Toms were 10 yds away. After we got rearranged and watching them up close for several minutes he took the shot and got the first bird and the second bird only went several yds away before turning around to come check on his buddy. Big mistake for him. My mentor had 2 unfilled tags and he got a double on Mothers Day! Ironically , he and his son and I went out last year on Mother's Day and got a Triple within 30 minutes. You can only guess what our new Tradition will be on Mother's Day Big smile

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My Mentor's Turkey(s)

Nice birds Thumbs up

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My Mentor's Turkey(s)

Great looking birds! Although Moms not going to be happy, but how can she argue with success. Thumbs up

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My Mentor's Turkey(s)

Congrats...great birds!!

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My Mentor's Turkey(s)

Way to put some dinner on the table. Awsome birds.. Nothing like bringing mom a present. Big smile

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