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My first Michigan Bear
My Bear hunt / vacation,
 was even better this year here in Michigan, than going to Colorado last year for several reasons I feel, even though ever trip has it's own great memories.
  I had decided to use my bow after I had spent 4 days up there by myself baiting and scouting and preparing for the hunt and since I have never got one with a bow. Only one bait was active and being on stateland I was nervous this one could go south. I forgot my camcorder at home and there was no cell service up there "YES" 
 My wife and son and my grandson who is named after me came up after the first night of bear hunting and I got to tell him grab a flashlight and lets get my bear!
I learn something every time I go hunting and I am still alive and get excited and love to do it "what a rush".
I had got to my stand by 2:00 and at 7:00 a good bear came in and went to the bait, I'm in a tree stand about 15 yards away and my mind was running wild, I decided to try and shoot him after he entered the back of the bait and was broad side, he saw me and after the second time was gone. Then I could really see and tell he was a real nice bear.
After 45 minutes of not moving and beating myself up, he was headed back in and took 20 minutes looking at me and putting his nose in the air smelling, did I say he kept looking at me.  
Then he tore the logs away with his teeth, to get some of them tasty treats. After he looked comfortable I tried putting my release on string again, gone again... 
Now I'm just trying to be still and get a shot, I stopped judging his size and low and behold he came back again and and this time he grabed a goodie and gone again. Now I 'm getting mad and it's getting towards dark so I say he comes back he's getting a new 100 grain thunder head and sure enough here he came and offered a perfect side shot again and I put it right in the sweet spot and after he ran away, I said he didn't look as big as the first one. :roll:  I got down and the arrow was stuck in the ground with lots of new pretty fall color 'Red" on it, that I had used to paint the land with.
This hunt lasted awhile, it was around 8:20, and I headed back and waited for my wife and son to arrive. We retrieved her, she was around 160lbs.
Then after that weekend my son left. So it was just me and my wife and we got to enjoy no kids, phones or work and the vacation began, I small game hunted "shot a few grouse" and fished, saw some big steel head running about 2' long and we saw alot of wild mushrooms even one you could have sat on and we had a out break of baby snapping turtles at our camp. We even got to meet some great new Yooper friends and got to play in the mud with them.
Here's a few picures of our trip, God has Blessed us!
497.JPG1.81 MB
459.JPG3.44 MB
491 - Copy.JPG
491 - Copy.JPG1.93 MB
486 - Copy.JPG
486 - Copy.JPG1.81 MB
508.JPG2.46 MB
514.JPG3.35 MB
455.JPG2.37 MB
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Congrats, onzaman! Thanks for

Congrats, onzaman! Thanks for sharing your story and pics. Sounds like you had a relaxing vacation. Thumbs up

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Very nice!  I like the photo

Very nice!  I like the photo of the turtle.  Pretty neat.....

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a very big congrats to you,

a very big congrats to you, I'm very jelious, thanks for sharing.

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Congrats on a fine looking

Congrats on a fine looking bear.  I love all the pics you attached.  Thanks for sharing.

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Congratulations and great

Congratulations and great story. I love the pictures too. Thanks for letting us live through your hunt a little bit. Nice bear by the way

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Way to go on the bear. You sure had your heart tested with it coming and going like that!

Pretty country up there - looks like a real nice campsite.

We have property in the U.P. but don't get to use it very often.

Thanks for the good story.


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