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MY first Deer hunt

It was a very cold november morning in Hampton,Ar at the Hawk Moore Hunting camp. Me and my hunting buddies got up about 4:30 to start the first day of gun season. I was nervous, yet excited this being my first deer hunt ever. We loaded our gear on to the four wheelers and departed our seperate ways. I tagged along with another buddy. He new of a for sure spot where i would get a chance at taking a whitetail. I was sat over a pond where the deer come in for water. My buddy dropped me off, pointed me toward my stand( it was pitch black, i could not see anything). I walked in the direction he pointed and finally got to the ladder stand. I slung my empty chambered rifle over my shoulder and climed up. I was a again nervous being in such a high stand and not being able to see my surroundings. I did not get any sleep because I was so excited about the hunt. I watched the sun shine her lovely face over the trees. I had been sating about 20 mins before the sun come up. I caught myself nodding off. I heard a rifle crackle in the distance saying to myself what a lucky hunter. I new that it was one of my buddies, who was already done hunting for the morning and it was not fully daylight. I nodded off to sleep only to be awakened by small foot steps. I opened my eyes and a doe was standing no more than 20 yards. I tried to raise my rifle, I was shooting my fathers M1 Garand in .308( he charishes that gun, i had to beg him to let me use it). The deer and I staired eye to eye for almost an eternity. I didnt move, she didnt move. So finally she dropped her head and headedd toward the pond. I had a perfect broad side shot. All I needed was for her to stop. She finally stopped after she seen my movement but I already had her in my sights. I was shooting open sights. I slowly sqeezed the trigger and BOMB!!!!!!!!.She fell like a ton of bricks. That .308 150 grain rem core lokt was not nice to that deer at 20yads. It blew her shoulder right off. I placed the shot right on her front shoulder and it hit every vital it could possibly hit.

I sat there and looked at the deer in AW. I had never seen anything like it. This deer was bleeding refusely. This being my first hunt i was not use to such a sight. I got out of my stand and walked over to the deer. As I kneeled down to the deer I heared another shot in the distance. It was my other hunting buddy who dropped me off killing his deer. He showed up about 5 mins later to get me. We loaded our vinison on the four wheeler and headed back to camp. Every one in the camp had a deer, so we all had a story to tell. SInce I was a beginner, my buddies told me that it was not going to be that easy all the time and that I just had beginners luck.

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MY first Deer hunt

Good hunt congrats on the first deer good story

I am a true believer in the One shot one kill method..

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