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Colohunter, I'm curious about the ivories this bull had. Were they dark like the antlers or was the ring pattern light in color?

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They were lighter in color. I

They were lighter in color. I would get a pic of them for you but they are at home in denver and i am at school in Fort Collins.

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Nice bull! congrats! great

Nice bull! congrats! great bull and story. gets me pumped for my hunt!

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Wow, way to go

Congrates on a very blessed and successful hunt.  Got my blood pumping just reading about your adventure cold camp and all.   

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I'm hopin for my first too.

Hey Colohunter,

   I'm also a college student here in Salt Lake City Utah and I'm hopin this year I can acheive some firsts just like you. I've been hunting elk for years now but I have yet to put one on the ground. I feel like it may happen this year. My two brothers and I are going out next week. We often do what you did with back packing in until we find the elk. Thanks for getting me pumped. I hope I have similar luck. Good Job Man!!! Hello

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Great Bull!

That's a great bull with any weapon! To get it with a bow is something special. Great job planning and scouting. It doesn't always come out THAT good. Congrats!

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good luck backyard_hero. I

good luck backyard_hero. I like you took a few years to get it all figured out. I got my first bull last year with a rifle then my first with a bow this year. hang in there and keep doing what you are doin. as my grandpa always says "You cant catch a fish without a hook in the water and you wont get an elk without being in the woods" I hope to be reading your story soon.

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Congrats ! What a bull! I

Congrats ! What a bull! I want to jump in the truck and leave now lol. We leave in a week,

Thanks for sharing that is an awesome bull!

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Congrats to you sir!!!! That is awesome!Wink



I am one jealous mofo too!In love

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Nice job brother. I'm hoping there are many like that in your future.

Heck I'd settle for just one What?

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