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My Elk hunting trip

The only way to describe this hunt,
is the trip from Hell.

My regular partner couldn't go this year, so i took 3 rookies, that was my first mistake, i felt like i was the guide. and basically ruined the hunt for me.
we got to the camp site on Monday around noon, set camp up in the rain, it took almost 6 hours, i tarp my Tent to keep it dry, the 20' x 40' tarp wasn't on but 5 minutes and one of the guys tripped over a corner guide line and tore the eye out, a $ 100.00 plus tarp that ended up in the trash.
on Wednesday i ran over a small stone, and ruined my left rear tire , on Thursday i ran over another small stone, and ruined the left rear again .

Don't get me wrong, all 3 of these guys were nice guys, BUT, 3 rookies are just to much to deal with, specially when they don't listen to what i say.

I am not sure what the deal was ?, but i couldn't find the Elk, the last 3 days we even had snow, and i covered a lot of ground and couldn't even find a track.
places that i found in past years where i consistently saw elk nothing this year ?.

We packed up Saturday morning to go home, the roads on the mountain were very slippery, i had chains on my front tires for the last 3 days, they were so bad.

well i started down the mountain, with no problem, i got about 300 yards from where the NF ended, and a guy pulling a 28' trailer, with no chains, jackknifed blocking the road, there was another truck about 50 yards in front of me, parked and waiting for them to get the mess out of the way.

We sat there for about a 1 1/2 hours, when another truck came down the road, and apparently didn't know how to drive, he rear-ended me, knocking my truck about 20' forward.

I got his info, then called the police.
About a hour later, they finally got the trailer out of the way.

I meet the police about a mile down the road.
He took the report, and asked if i thought there was more then $1000.00 in damage, i said i am sure that there is way more then that, he asked if i checked the stuff inside the trailer, i said no, i am afraid that i wont be able to get it closed back up.
But the front of my ATV is right against those doors.
The trailer Dog tracked all the way home, so it will be totaled, i had a 12 cu ft freezer in the front of the trailer, it almost put it thru the front wall.

The trailer and my ATV are a totaled, the freezer needs to be replaced. i have a class 5 draw bar on my truck it is bent, junk, the trailer hitch is bent, and my frame on my truck is bent a little, not bad.
I just hope the insurance covers it all, or i will be getting a lawyer, and going after the guy the hit me.

I think that i have had it with hunting with a bigger group, it just causes me more work, and takes the fun out on the hunt for me.
I hold my Wife from now on i am either going with just 1 guy or going alone.

OH, then to top all this off, i get about 5 hours from home, and my Wife calls to see how it is going, and ask me if i would like to hear her dilemma, now that i am almost home .
some how a fitting in the master bathroom cracked while she was at work, she came home to water spraying in the bath room, and water leaking out of the ceiling below.
I fixed the leak, but haven't had time to check all the damage for that yet.

Murphy's law it me hard this year.


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Isn't hunting fun????  It

Isn't hunting fun????  It sounded like you got all your bad luck out of the way for the next couple of trips on this one.  Usually with me in this type of a situation the rookie hunter is the one that will bag a elk and not have the slightest idea of what to do once it is on the ground. 

As for the tarp don't chuck it in the trash yet.  You can always take it to a canvas repair shop and have them resew the seam or just get a gromet kit from a hardware store and replace the eye.  Just fold the corrner of the tarp over to where you have good material. 

It is too bad on the misshap.  I know that whenever I am stopped on a hillside or slick roads I always wonder what the person that is coming up on my rear is going to do and if he is going to be able to stop. 

Now if my wife would of called and told me of a fountain flowing and I was 5 hours from home I am afraid that I would of had to of found the nearest bar to settle my nerves a little.  But then again it is just one of those things that happen weather you are there or not.  Just remember it is just stuff that happens. 

Now as for going along or with people that you trust and know, I am with you there.  The ones that I hunt with and I get along great.  Perhaps it is because we have been doing it so long.  But we all know what to do, weather it is setting up camp or packing out a elk.  I do however have a nephew that shows up every now and then that wants to sleep in everyday and not help around camp that much.  He has shot a half dozen deer and a antelope and I don't think that he has ever cleaned one of the animals yet.  He is always with someone that will do it for him. 

Better luck next time.

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Sorry to hear that. Hunting

Sorry to hear that. Hunting with unfamiliar people is always tough. I have always gone either by myself or with family only. I have one friend in OK that I bird hunt with or go deer hunting every few years and its great, but we just give each other a hard time.

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Yikes! That really sucks when


That really sucks when a trip you look forward to for so long turns out to be truly awful.  Best of luck getting all of the damage to the equipment,truck, etc., and the home all ironed out.  And most of all I hope your future hunts work out just a bit better than this year's.

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Kevin - you need to get with

Kevin - you need to get with me next year and forget all of the others! While I was gone and elkless the rain got past the roof flashing at the house in Ohio and now I have a master bedroom and two baths that are ruined. Luckily my hunting partner was an asset and not a liability... but I am still without an elk. The House in Colorado is still solid so I can only hope next year is okay! Send me a PM and maybe we can plan something more successfull for 2013!

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Very sorry

To hear that. My dad and uncle hunted first rifle season elk with our horses and had a bad experience. Ended up almost losing both horses in a river. My uncle also lost a much loved TC Encore in 280 and we lost a saddle. The horses were bruised and cut but recovering well. I told my dad and uncle main thing was they and the horses were ok the rest can be replaced. Glad you made it out ok! Regroup, repair, replace, and keep on trucking and hunting!

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Wow that is quite a story!

Wow that is quite a story! Just glad no one got hunt and hopfully in 2 or 3 years you can look back at all of this an laugh. With that much bad luck this year you should be good for at least the next 10 years or more to have some event free hunting trips.

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Wow. When it rains it pours I

Wow. When it rains it pours I guess. Please don't pass that bad luck on to anyone. I now the rookie feeling. I never try to take one on at a time, or you become like a babysitter. Better luck next year. Throw some salt over your shoulder or get a lucky rabbit's foot.

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