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My collection just grew!!

I recently recieved my Mtn Goat back from Alpine Taxidermy in Hot Sulpher Springs, CO. I could not be more pleased. To date this makes my third professionally taxidermied animal; Mountain goat half lifesize, Bull elk shoulder, Black bear rug. I also have many euros and a plaque mounted raghorn which my brother or I did ourselves. 

For reference if anyone is looking to work with either of these taxis, the Elk and Bear were done by Rick Gacetta with Best Bet Taxidermy in Canon City, CO and the Goat from Barry Smith at Alpine taxidermy in Hot Sulphur Springs as mentioned previously. Both are great guys and do great work. Barry can take a while but he puts a lot of effort into his goat and sheep mounts. Rick is relatively quick and does great work at a reasonable price. 


Please forgive the relatively crappy photos.

Bear Apartment.jpg
Bear Apartment.jpg1.34 MB
Mountain Goat.jpg
Mountain Goat.jpg2.62 MB
Bear Overall.jpeg
Bear Overall.jpeg88.59 KB
Elk New House.jpg
Elk New House.jpg2.55 MB
Elk Pickup.jpg
Elk Pickup.jpg19.84 KB
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Nice, still waiting to pull a

Nice, still waiting to pull a goat tag. My collection will grow soon as I should get my buck back in about a month. Once back I will post a few photos.

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Congrats on the great animals !


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