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My Bear Hunt

Well we're back from our trip, got home last nite. Things didn't start off so good, rain rain and more rain! Didn't hunt the first nite (Wed) due to the fact that we had to quad all the goodies in to replenish the baits by the time we got done and back to the truck to consider cleaning up and hunting it was 6:30 PM. I didn't want to risk going back into the stands that late all sweaty and smelly like we were. So we decided (myself and my protege Chris) to just go back to town and get settled in.
Day 2: got into the stands as planned and sat down for the afternoon / evening had bear woof and take off from the clearing as I was getting comfy in the stand. It was still raining but we didn't think we could kill a bear from the motel so we decided to tough it out. I had 3 or four different black bears come in by 7:00PM but nothing big a couple of yearlings and a rubbed up sow came and went several times. Then about 15mins later I heard a sound off to my left in walked the most beatuiful blonde bear I've ever had the previlige to see. Lovely coat not a rub mark on him! Unfortunately he was only about 1 1/2 times the size of the bait barrel (on it's side) and no matter how hard I tried couldn't make the space between his ears grow! He sat down on his haunches facing me and I could clearly see he was a boar. I thought of him as a 5ft bear, part of me wanted to shoot but I knew there was a bigger bear hitting the bait so I decided to wait. I reached back got my digital camera turned it on had him in the view finder only to see " Batteries Depleted Camera Shutting Down"......Wha the hell these batteries were only a week old. So I didn't get any pics of him! He was a little nervous and didn't stay long (another reason I thought there was a bigger one around). He departed and the rubbed up sow returned, the silence was broken by three quick shots in the distance followed by another a little while after. Chris must have shot at something! Why the hell did it take 4 shots, my mind was racing wondering what had happened. I didn't have to wait long I heard the quad coming, when it stopped on the trail the sow took off. I walked out to the road to see Chris with an ear to ear grin! He said his bear was down and out! Here's the pic of Chris's first ever bear when we got back to him:
He said that he had shot 3 times (the 4th was someone else's I guess) I had told him not to be afraid to take an "insurance" shot as tracking a wounded bear wasn't a fun thing. He took my advice to heart and had shot him twice for "insurance".We discovered something pretty cool about Chris's bear, he had a heel pad on his rear left side but abosultely no sign of any toes or claws, it looked like it had been this way for a long time(possibly born that way?). He expired only feet from the bait barrel, being day 2 of a 5 or 6 day hunt we attempted to drag him away from the site. We made it less than 80 yards! a 300+ lb bear is a tough drag for 2 guys. Well at least we got him away from the barrel a little, then the work started.
Day 3:
Back in at a good time sitting on the same stands, we were cussing ourselves that we hadn't brought bait in (the barrels were 3/4 full the nite before) both sites were cleaned out! We each had a lot of bears come by. At about 8:30 PM I heard a quad coming and stopping at the trail. It was Chris, I asked him why he had come out so early(at least an hr before dark) he explained that he had lots of bears around and suddenly they quit coming so he thought the action was done. I explained to him that the smaller bears had posssibly vanished because of the "boss bear" hanging on the outskirts waiting to come in and the smaller ones were smart enough to get out of his way. I said we had to sit at least until 9:30PM to give the big boys a chance to come, we had wasted the best hour of stand time but the barrels were cleaned out so the big boys might not have showed anyway. Chris was a little queered out as the carcass from his bear was partially consumed by other bears! He had heard something chewing on it and had climbed down to see what was eating on it. He had a video camera wth him and took video of the bear eating on the body. He only got the bears head in the vid but when I was looking at it back at the motel his head looked huge! Since Chris had 1 bear already we decided we would switch stands so I could get a look at that big headed black bear and he could maybe get video of the blonde.
Day4: We had the barrels refilled by 2PM back to the truck towelled off and used unscented baby wipes to clean up as best as we could, changed clothes and were sitting in the stands by 3:30PM, no action until about 6:00Pm when a sow and last years cubs (I think) showed up. She wasn't very tolerant of them and if they got too close to the barrel she would run them off. It was hilarious to watch as she would tree one of the yearling and the other would hit the barrel while she was gone. finally at about 8:30 she ran the off and they just kept running I could hear them for 15mins growling and popping their jaws at each other. Meanwhile the bigger of the 2 yearlings was raiding the bait. The sow and the others had rotated the barrel so the opening was facing directly away form me. I was cursing myself for not chaining it shorter, now the angles would be poor if a "shooter" showed and went directly to the hole! It was shortly after , I thought that if the big boys was going to appear it would be in the next 30mins, the yearling was still at the bait eating nervously. Looking about with every bite. A short while later I could see a bear coming in behind me, my heart was hammering in my chest! But as I slowly turned to see it was just the other yearling coming in. He only got 50 or so yards from the tree and woofed and took off, the bear at the bait perked his head up sniffed and took off like he had been cattle prodded! I thought that something was coming so I cocked the hammer on my muzzleloader, a scant minute later I could see black legs coming through the trees. I had my gun at my shoulder and was following it progress through the trees. It walked into the clearing like it owned the place....first thing I saw was it's shiney black coat no rubs.....holy crap what a huge head....ok...ok...don't look at the head...he came in to the side of the barrel offering an almost broadside shot....I was calm....took aim...squeezed.....BOOM....a huge cloud of smoke enveloped me. When it cleared I could see him running up the game trail directly away from the bait but obivously hurting, I thought I saw him falter at the top of the hill... I heard 3-4 raspy breathes from that direction then....silence. I climbed down reloaded and looked at my watch 9:25PM. It was getting dark so I started up the trail I went 60 yards up the trail from the bait there he was! I saw no sign of movement but put a shot into his boiler room just to be sure, reloaded again and walked up to him. He was down and out and absolutely gorgious! I think I finally took a breath for the first time in a few minutes and decided to get on the quad and get Chris to help skin him out. Here is the pics of him:
Needless to say I'm estatic! For my first bear ever I think the bar has been set pretty high. Next year a bear the same size but blonde!

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My Bear Hunt

Nice! Thats a big bear! Thumbs up

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My Bear Hunt

congrats ,, that's a nice bear Thumbs up
and thanks for the comment u left me on my thread

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