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My B&C Kodiak Brown Bear (pics)

This is my first post here and I thought I would kick it off with my Trophy Brownie.
He squared 10ft 1in.
Has white claws.
Perfect hide (no rubs)
Skull made B&C all time book right at 28 inches.
I mounted him lifesize and I am immensley proud of him!

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My B&C Kodiak Brown Bear (pics)

Welcome to Big Game Hunt, Great photos!!!! Looking forwards to seeing more of your archives. Wheres home base for you?

Jeff R Johnson

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My B&C Kodiak Brown Bear (pics)

Congradulations.Nice bear.A little bigger then the black bear here in Maine Big smile

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whoa! Holy crap! Oh My G--! What the--?!

Congratulations! I can't believe the size of that! what does 10 foot square mean? how is it measured? what did that thing weigh? How much meat did you get? What did you shoot it with? Do you carry a back up handgun? Perhaps a 9000 caliber pocket bazooka? I feel like a little kid with all these questions but that picture gets me excited! Why were the claws white? Is that usual?

You have to tell us all in detail about that monster!!!! And don't leave anything out. I mean I want to know the bullet, gun, weather, what you had for breakfast that morning...

Way to go and thanks for sharing.


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My B&C Kodiak Brown Bear (pics)

AWESOME! that thing is huge, what did he weigh? congrats! thnks for posting.

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Great looking bear. How about some details on your hunt ? It would be interesting to hear.

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My B&C Kodiak Brown Bear (pics)

thats a good ine your very lucky to get a 10 squre bear I hunted in Alaska in 2002 for grizzly and moose and took a 58" Moose, a Black bear and 2 wolves and passed several 6-7 ft grizzly bears to small and lost 5 days of huntig to very bad storm outfitter pulled us out early Congratulations on the great bear

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