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nice Mulie bucks

Quinton and Hoggetter,

You guys have some nice Mulie bucks there.

That's one thing I miss about leaving western Colorado.

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That is a great looking buck

That is a great looking buck and cannot wait to see the shoulder mount...congrats!!

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great bucks

all you guys have some Great bucks! Man Colorado is the place to for a giant muley I guess. Maybe I should start putting in for tags there...

Looks like you guys have some good spots. Good job and congrats!

Just out of curiosity...to do the euro mounts did you use beetles or boil them?

I boiled a head last year and it made a small dis-coloration mark on the base of the antlers

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I boil mine !!!

Hunt Okanogan,

I boil all of mine. I use my turkey roasting pan and do not fill the water up high enough to go over my bases.


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