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Muzzleloader Restrictions???

I live in Sasktchewan and we do not have any restrictions regarding the use of in-line muzzloaders or scopes. Please advise if you have restrictions and which state/province you live in.



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Muzzleloader Restrictions???

Here in Kansas them in-liners can't use scopes during muzzleloading season.

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Muzzleloader Restrictions???

Colorado: no scopes, no sabots, no pelletized powder, no smokeless powder; minimum caliber is .45 for deer and .50 for elk.

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Muzzleloader Restrictions???

Indiana--scopes, pyrodex to smokeless, .45 barrel but down to .357 bullet....

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Muzzleloader Restrictions???

PA: For the late (after christmas) buck/doe season you can only use flintlock and obviously no scope. One cool thing is you don't need to have a doe permit when using the flintlock to harvest a doe, so you can choose to use your buck tag on a doe if you'd like.

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