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Muzzleloader Jump Shooting

Two reasons for the new line. First I wanted to get "peacetoyou" off the forum front page. And to think that that dipstick can vote! Fortunately he's probably too busy hugging his like minded brothers & sisters to bother.

Second reason, I'm looking forward to doing some duck hunting this year with my 12 gauge sidexside muzzleloader and am looking for some advise on loads. I've got a couple of lbs of heavy shot #6 left over from my last turkey hunting adventure & am using black powder (no substitutes please). Any suggestions?

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duck huntin with a muzzle loader that is some challenge right there, sounds like it could be fun though!!!

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Go for it!

Kuddos on getting "peacetoyou" off the top of this list.

Muzzleloading for ducks.  I think you'll spend all your time loading, but go for it, it sound like it could be fun.

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The loading part isn't too

The loading part isn't too bad. I ordered "speed Loaders" from the Dixie Gunworks catalog a couple of years ago. Probably should be called convenience loaders though. They look kinda like a couple of those suction cup snake bit things.  Three of them fit together to create two separate reservoirs, one for powder, the other for shot. Still need to carry the shot cards, wads, over shot cards, etc. separately but at least the powder & shot horns aren't needed. I carry about 20 of them when I head out & they have worked out pretty well for sage hen (back when there were enough of them around here not to feel guilty about shooting at a couple), ruffed grouse and chuckar. With a little practice I can trim my reload time for both barrels down to a blistering minute and a half or so. Course the way I shoot, that's not a minute and a half that I have to spend looking for a dead bird.

With lead shot I don't have to worry about shot cups. The pedersoli has chrome lined barrels but shot cups are needed for steel shot. I haven't found out if the lead substitutes like heavy shot need the shot cups. They are a real pain in the ... for loading as the barrels have choke tubes that make pushing the cups past them are real chore (almost easier to take the choke tube out first). There's a ton of info out there for loading the substitutes in shot shells but about zip on loading BP muzzleloaders. When I told the folks that manufacture Heavyshot what I wnated to do, they almost couldn't hang up quick enough. Seems like they were worried about pressures and didn't want to tell me something that might blow up. Didn't make sense to me much as BP tends to shoot with alot less pressure than smokeless powder. Did work up a load for turkey that worked on a 34 yard shot in a wildlife refuge that requires non-toxic shot but multiple loading isn't needed for turkey hunting as it is for ducks (hopefully!) & the shot cups pretty much take the romance out if it.

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Hevy shot & Pedersoli Shotgun

Not sure if you are still doing the muzzle loader shotgun thing. In the last several years have taken lots of doves, and ducks with both a 12 gauge Pedersoli non screw in chokes mod and full and a 10 gauge Pedersoli with choke tubes.

First suggestion is if you have not found a plastic wadding that works and protects your barrel try IXT from Ballistic Products if you can take the price. That is the best choice I have found for the 12g w/out choke tubes. I live 20 miles from their shop.

I have been using 12 gauge shot cups from Precision Reloading (can't remember which one, but they pointed me to a heavy plastic cup that works) and the Ranger Plus wads from Ballistic Products for steel and hevy shot in the 10 Gauge. I did not want to score the barrel so I erred on the side of caution. I place a cork spacer at the bottom of the plastic wad and insert a Mylar wrap in the inside of the cup, so no hard shot escapes to touch the barrel. I confirmed this by wrapping shotcups with post it notes also use this to keep shotcup tight and holding shot, so I could see if there was shot escaping through the slits in the cup. I also recommend keeping bore very clean (fouling becomes a problem with plastic cups, I beleive it lets gas slip through that can lead to melting) and I use extensive shot wads. This is working, but it is a work in progress.
For the ten gauge with choke tubes and steel or hevy shot ad
Powder – love the new BP sub Allient – really easy clean up,
Then a nitro card or two
Then both halves of a split fiber thick wad, then the a 12 gauge plastic wad pre-slit all the way down with a Mylar wrap inside the plastic wad, and some cork of felt on the bottom, wrap it in a posted note only had one plastic wad not open last summer. (Just starting to begin to ad small amounts of buffer, will know more this summer)
Then placed the shot cup and over shot card.
No plastic melting, no shot leakage, great patterns decent spped. I find I and almost all my friends shoot the 12 w/out choke tubes, better than the 10. My brother picked up the 12 w/out tubes and said this is the gun that made Pedersoli, it really is a pleasure to swing and shoot. We had a game farm so we tried a few guns over the years,
I bought ten pounds of heavy shot, but used it very littel of it this falll. I shot a lot of steel out of the ten gauge and went though over a role of paper and two pounds of powder plus patterin & shooting trap. The verdict is still out on steel, but living in Minnesota, I plan on spending a week waterfowl hunting in the Dakotas, so I will know more. I take a week trout fishing in northern minnesota and plan on testing more steel/ hevy shop and some duplex loads plus some buck and ball.

If I had it to do over again, I could have lived with the 12 and IXT shot, but would want a gun that has med and full choke w/out tubes. If I was still using a couple cases of sshells a year duck hunting, this would be unaffordable.

I tried 3, 2, 1, and b’s in steel but the recoil on the ten will become quite noticeable when pushing for speed with steel. I also patterned 4s, 5s, 71/2 in lead, plus #2 ITX.
Contact me if you are still playing with loads and hevy shot or when you start patterning again. I also posted this since as you mentioned, there is not much information out there regarding non toxic, hevy shoot and actual hunting or shooting with muzzle loaders shotguns.

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