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 I recenlty watched a 16 year old girl and her father harvest a Muskox. Where are these animals hunted, and how much do the price of these hunts go for?

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Most muskox are located in

Most muskox are located in the Northwest territories, near the arctic circle.  There is also a herd of them on Greenland.  The cost seems to be like that of an elk hunt, anywhere from $3500 to $6000.

Of course, the travel and transport cost will probably be alot more than just getting to Colorado.

Google is your friend........

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google is my friend too.  i

google is my friend too.  i doubt that I would ever hunt musk ox.  One I really don't like the cold and I don't see the challenge in shooting an animal that just stands there and looks at you.  They have no fear of man.  The real challenge is battlling the elements and to me, that just isn't fun.  I think you can do spring hunts when it isn't as cold, but again while they are magnificant beasts, taking a musk ox doesn't offer me a thrill.  But to each their own.

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I did my musk ox hunt in

I did my musk ox hunt in September, 2004.  It was a combination hunt with two caribou.  Temperatures would dip below freezing at night and would get into the upper 30's and 40's during the days.  Not too much snow on the ground, and a lot of red and yellow fall colors.  Plus the Aurora Borealis one night was the most intense and beautiful that I have ever seen.  After I shot my musk ox and caribou, I had a fun day of fishing in the lake by camp for lake trout and northern pike.

The actual musk ox hunt was spot and stalk and not that much different from the caribou hunt or mule deer and elk hunts back home.  At no time were any of the musk ox standing looking at us.  We put a sneak on them, and after I shot my bull, the rest of the herd took off running, and the last time we saw them they were still running, three ridges away.  They definitely had a fear of men.

Musk ox are an unusual and magnificent animal which is one reason I had a full body mount of mine.  I think he is a beautiful trophy.


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GREAT trophies!

Thanks for sharing the photos of those fantastic trophies!

I doubt I'll ever hunt musk ox, but I sure would like to add caribou to my list.

A lot of artic explorers seemed to live for months on nothing but musk ox. 

Arctic Adventure is a good read about Peter Freuchen's years in Thule, Geenland about 1900-1920.

He writes about one time when they needed meat, but there had been no resupply ships because of WW1.  I forget the exact numbers but it was something like a herd of 6 musk ox and they only had 5 cartridges and needed to kill the whole herd because the survivors would defend the fallen.  They ended up shooting 4 dead and wounding one.  Then having to finish the wounded and other one by spearing them............wow!

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