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muleys in sd

hey guys iv  been a meber for about a yr but under a different name it was stikbrandon if i can recall, i talked to ca vermonster a few times but anyways,

iv been out kickin rocks and lookin for muleys for the past 4 days about 6 miles out side of ramona in the C N F and iv yest to even see a doe or a buck not even a spike . i dont know whats going on i thought the rut had started i thought for sure that id see a hot doe or a buck or two on a hot doe .  i no the areas  im hunting ( black canyon ish )  is seeing a lot of pressure right now from the riffle hunters  but its a large area . maybe i got it all  wrong , maybe im looking in the wrong areas ???? do the bucks push up the does on flat land during the rut or do they stay in the brush and hill sides ??? can some one please throw some advice my way ?. and turkey season starts saturday  all the turkey iv seen this  past month have been on private land so any advice would be helpful ,

im a noobie at hunting  so sorry if i dont have my facts wright

 i seen doe tracks on saturday but i wasnt sure how fresh they were , they looked fresh . i even tried rattling in some bucks tonight  but nothing . is trying to rattle muleys work ? i no it does for white tail out east

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Welcome back Brandon!  sorry

Welcome back Brandon!  sorry to hear that you have not had any luck so far.  I don't recall, but do you have both a buck and doe tag, or what? 

I went out last week, and had a small, legal buck, at about 30 yards.  But, I only have the doe tag, go figure.  I have a couple of buddies that have scored so far, and one even got his 2 deer.  Most of the guys i know have been saying that they see lots of does, but I can't figure out where for the life of me.  I have only been out twice, nothing the first time, then that buck the second. He had a doe with him, but she was never closer than 400-500 yards.

Anyway, you are in the right place.  I wouldn't bother with the rattling, I have never heard of anyone successfully doing it out here.  Spot and stalk is the way to go with most people.  Get away from the roads a little bit, and then get high where you have a good vantage point.  Start looking for the deer around the patches of brush, and see if you can catch them standing up to feed.  If they have been spooked, they will tighten their range alot, maybe only wandering a couple hundred yards at most.

Anyway, good luck.  I am done with my rifle tag.  Headed to Vermont tomorrow night for this weekends whitetail opener.  I will hunt archery out here a couple times after I return, until the end of the season.

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I don't know anything about

I don't know anything about your area but some things remain the same everywhere. Just because the rut may be on means nothing if there are no deer in teh area. I would think the brushy hillside would be the best bet unless the flat open areas are fields with good food supply. Even then the brush around the edges would be the place to look during daylight hunting hours. Second make sure you are spending a lot of time glassing those hillsides with decent binoculars for lond periods of time, more than just a once over.

Good luck with your hunt and let us know how it all works out for you.

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I have been hunting around

I have been hunting around that same area, Up around the top of the mountains there has been less pressure but at about halfway up, lot of people, and alot of people taking multiple shots. Last sunday I heard too many shots from all directions so I left and am giving up on that area its just not safe.

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thanks guys for the info i

thanks guys for the info i appresiate it a lot

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