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Mt Zirkel Wilderness

I will be hunting deer in the high country, early-rifle hunt in the Mt Zirkel Wilderness in Colorado this year. This will be my first time in the unit. I live out of state, so pre-season scouting is not an option. I have been studying maps and have talked to a couple of outfitters, but would prefer a do-it-yourself hunt. I am an experienced western hunter and have horses, so I'm not worried about that aspect.

If any of you have hunted this area (or even spent time in it for other activities) and would be willing to share any information you have, it would be greatly appreciated. You can send a private message if you prefer to keep it quiet.


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Mt Zirkel Wilderness

nimrod8800, Welcome to BGH.

It seems that most guys hunt the southern end of the Zirkels more then the northern end. You might want to come in from the Wyoming line. I hope you have a great hunt.

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