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moving to NM where would you move to ?

think im moving to new mexico not sure where yet. places i have looked into are Raton , roswell , Grants. loooking for close hunting to these towns or your recomendation of a town looking for prarie dog, antalope, like to try mule deer also

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big area, raton is not a bad

big area, raton is not a bad place, if you are looking for pairie dog and goats, look east of I-25, most of the best Mule deer is west of I-25, look around Wangon Mound or Las Vegas.

Las Vegas has it all for the hunting you are asking for


good luck

M. Bird

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I looked around LV and places

I looked around LV and places up north, but moved to a county with more critters than people. No regrets about moving to NM.Elk,deer,antelope,bears,prairie dogs too,all around me now.

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