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Moving to NM

Can anyone please help me out with some info. The Air Force is moving my family to Clovis New Mexico in March of this year and I was wondering about the hunting around this area. I have been lucky enough to live the last 2 and a half year in North Dakota and have enjoyed getting back into hunting. I love it here in ND, the hunting is awesome and access to areas to hunt is outstanding. Before we found out we are to move I was looking forward to Spring turkey and Snow Goose seasons. With hopefully a few yotes thrown in for fun. Now that is gone because we are moving before the seasons start. I've been checking all over the internet and I haven't found any decent info on the area around Clovis and was hoping someone on this forum could help.

Thanx for looking

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Moving to NM

Good luck on moving to Clovis. I just retired from the USAF outta Cannon, after 4 years.

Email me at [email protected].

I'll answer all your questions with fact and/or opinion; I'll specify when it's fact or opinion!!!
I must say I loved NM but the area around eastern NM sucked...big time.
I was able to go Snow Goose hunting (my first and only time to duck/goose hunt) and went Elk hunting twice. First time the Elk won, the second time...I made up for the first time!!! Here's the story and pics

Try this board for NM hunting and great advice. If you go to the Elk section you read my story from above.

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Moving to NM

I have to disagree with BlueStew. I'm also in the Air Force but station down south but my parents have a ranch up north. There is some pretty good hunting on state and BLM land. Take time to read thru the proclamation, it's full of good info. There some good deer hunting north in the sand hills and a lot is on state land. Antelope is a tough draw anywhere but Oryx is not to bad, I have got 2 so far and have a tag for this year. We can hook up over DSN if you need more info. Also I just got back from turkey hunt up north and got an 11 and 6 inches beard tom both on the first day I hunted. Also I have a brother-in-law station at Cannon and he loves to hunt. Also he as the hook-up in the panhandle of Oklahoma, lot of pheasant up there. Check out the military only hunts.

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Moving to NM

there is soooooo may places to hunt in nm [email protected]@k at a map nm has more hunting then many other state

Clovis has good yote hunting, the rio grand has duck hunting,

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