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Mountain Party

An old mountain man was surprised one morning to see someone riding up to his cabin. "Howdy stranger," he growled. "What can I do you for?"

The stranger gets down and says, "I'm yer neighbor next mountain over. I'm here to invite you to a shindig I'm throwin' next week."

"Really," the old-timer replies. "What kind of hoedown is it gonna be?"

"Well," the neighbor replies, "I've been planning it fer several year now. It's gonna be a real barn burner. First there's gonna be some drinkin'. Then later on some fightin'. Finally, after all the hell-raisin', the night's gonna end with some gentle old-fashioned lovin'. Reckin yer interested?"

"Hell yes," the old timer replies, "you can count me in and I mean right now! Jest tell me who's gonna be there and what all I need to bring."

"Buddy," the neighbor says, "ain't nothin' you need to bring but yourself. It's jest gonna be you and me." Evil!

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Mountain Party

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