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mountain lion in Page Co, Va?

We recieved information on 2 mountain lion sightings in eastern Page Co, Va on June 15th & 18th involving a sandy colored cat. Observers were a off-duty vacationing law enforcement family and a waitress at a local restaurant.
If anyone on this forum knows anything about sightings in this or other areas of central Virginia, would they please contact us.
We are planning a widespread investigation in the area on Wednesday, June 21st......

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mountain lion in Page Co, Va?

John, It wouldn't surprise me at all.

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mountain lion in Page Co, Va?

I grew up in Western NY state and I have always herad about big cats beibg seen or traces of them around and most people have also have heard of someone they know who knows someone who has heard of cats being around it is very possible especially in West Virginaia and areas of NY and PA where there is heavy wooded mountain areas

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