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From what I have seen, read

From what I have seen, read and heard, hunting for Mountain Goats or Dall Sheep in the mountains of British Columbia or Alaska is the most challenging physically.

These critters like to spend their time in the highest, steepest, most inaccessible spots that they can find. The combination of altitude, rough terrain and miserable weather makes for a hunt that can be not only physically demanding, but also extremely emotionally exhausting.

That's just what I've heard.


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Welcome to BGH ShannonWood.

Do you have a link to some of your film? It'd be interesting to see if you do.

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Most challenging

For me, the most challenging hunt was my archery mountain goat hunt in the Cascade Mountains of Washington State.  I spent a lot of days hiking straight up and straight down.  I walked across ledges, looking straight down and prayed that I wouldn't fall.  The trick is to get above the goat as they spend most of their time looking down.  They are smart, have incredible eyesight, great hearing and a sense of smell that you can't believe.  It was one of the most satisfying hunts of my life as well.

The challenge is both physical and mental.  Just when you think you have one figured out, he vanishes and you start all over again.  The weather changes more often than a woman changes her mind and you never know when you might get socked in with fog and snow. 

It's also a challenge to get drawn.  With it being a once-in-a-lifetime draw, it's kind of like winning the lottery.  It's not uncommon to apply in a unit that gives one or two permits and over two thousand people apply.  I guess that's a major challenge in itself. 

No question, my most challenging hunt has been for a mountain goat.

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Myself having only hunted

Myself having only hunted WHitetails, bear and Moose I would say that my Moose hunt was the most challenging. I have never walked so far, over so many hills and hunted so many different spots in one day as I did trying to find one of them critters. Tracks everywhere but none to be found. Thank God the second day produced one early in the day.

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Hunting Coues deer with

Hunting Coues deer with a bow in the boothill of southwest New Mexico.  It was a hard enough time getting the tag, then going after them in January.  it is cold, windy, and rocky. 

The other would be a ealry season elk hunt when they aren't bugling and not moving much.  You have to go where the trees stop and then hope not to be seen.  there is water every where and there is about 300 other hunters in the same range as you. 

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