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more versatile rifle - 7mm rem mag or the 30-06 ?

i have a 270. am looking for a gun with a bit more down range energy. i have ruled out the 300 win mag and friends. i don't think i can handle the punishing recoil without developing a flinch. so i will probably purchase something along the lines of a 7mm rem mag or a 30-06. either in 700 rem and synthetic. any thoughts would be appreciated. thanks. scott.

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more versatile rifle - 7mm rem mag or the 30-06 ?

Well i shoot both 30-06 and the 7mm Rem Mag and i think they both kick about the same. The 7mm Rem Mag is the one I would pick it shoots flater and faster. Like I said, I shoot both the 06 and 7mm in the mod 700 line but love the 7mm more.

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more versatile rifle - 7mm rem mag or the 30-06 ?

In terms of bullet selection, the 30-06 would get the nod, considering it has the widest range of available hunting bullets of any cartridge. In general, the 7mm squeezes more versatility in in terms of latitude with a particular bullet weight, for example, a 150 grain bullet for the 7mm Remington Magnum will handle medium-sized big game animals that you would normally use a 165 grain 30-06 bullet on. In other words, a single bullet weight for the big 7 covers several bullet weights for the 30-06, giving you a wider latitude with the 7 mag. In general, it works like this: 150 grain bullet for either cartridge is best used on stuff like deer, pronghorn, black bear, medium-sized, thin-skinned game. 165 grain 30-06 bullet provides a somewhat more potent option for the same game. The 160 and 162 grain bullets for the 7mm Remington Magnum, however, are practical for big stuff, like long range mule deer, elk, and moose. They pack a serious punch, especially when handloaded, these represent the hardest-hitting of all 7mm Remington Magnum loads. For the same big animals, in the 30-06, you would want the big 180 grain bullet, which is a hunk of a round, it will wreck any big game animal on this continent's day if it hits the vitals. You can go heavier too, with either round, the long 175 grain bullet for the 7 mag is good medicine for moose and the big bears. Barnes offers the 195 grain heavyweight for this caliber. The 30-06 goes up to 250 grains, but in my eyes, if a person desires to shoot big bullets like these, 200 grains and over, it would be more practical to go to a mid-bore caliber like the 338 magnums, which handle these heavy bullet weights with much greater efficiency. Really, either caliber is a good choice, I prefer the big 7 because it does have better ballistics and more energy and velocity, although it isn't necessary for those who have no intention of doing long range shooting. As far as recoil goes, both calibers generate the same overall amount, about 20 ft-lbs, which is quite manageable. You have to consider advantages and disadvantages of each round. The 7 mag has the more favorable ballistics, trajectories, velocity, punch, and killing power, yet at the same time, it costs more to shoot, it makes more noise, and rifles chambered to this caliber are longer and heavier than rifles chambered to standard calibers, so if you don't plan on doing long range shooting, then you would probably be better off with the 30-06. It's really up to you, you could get by nicely with either caliber.

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more versatile rifle - 7mm rem mag or the 30-06 ?

If recoil is an issue it would probably stick with the 30-06 but honestly unless you are looking for an excuse to buy a new rifle, i don't think you are going to gain that much advntage over your .270. Of course it really depends on what you are hunting. My suggestion is if you want a new gun with more down range energy go with one of the various new short magunum cartriges. You get belted magum power with standard cartrige recoil. I have shot the .270 and the .300 short magnums in both the Winchester and Browning and have been extremly impressed with the accuracy and the reciol is around most 30-06's I have shot. I havn't shot the 7mm short magnum but expect the same from it as well. So in a nutshell, if you want power without magnum recoil, go short. Just check them out on any gun makers websight including remington. Their short magnums will be labeled SAUM(short action ultra mag)

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