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More trail cam pics Bears....

Here are some more pics from last week. The one big one in the daylight was right after I restocked the bait. Sucker. The others are from during the week. I was up there on the 21 and had the other come in on the 21 st during the day. Got a flat on my trailer on the way out so left it and went back up today to pick it up. Sat the bait in the rain and snow over Fri Sat Sun and Mon nights. Not a thing came in and it was nasty weather to. Thought my wife would throw it in but she actually was a trooper over it. I was pretty glad to. Figured i would be hearing that she was done but no complaints except she did get very cold Sat and Sun night and the bears probably heard her teeth chattering is why they didnt come in.
But we still have one more weekend. The unit I am hunting closes May 31st.
Here are the pics.

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More trail cam pics Bears....

Nice pics Supersider... Hope to hear about another one down very soon!
Keep us posted.

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More trail cam pics Bears....

Thats Awsome!!!!

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