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Moose humor

With 2 months to kill until moose season, here's a little humor to help pass the time...

Two hunters went moose hunting
every winter without success. Finally,
they came up with a foolproof plan.
They got a very authentic female
moose costume and learned the
mating call of a female moose. The
plan was to hide
in the costume, lure the bull, then
come out of the costume and shoot

They set themselves up on the edge
of a clearing, donned their costume,
began to give the moose love call.

Before long, their call was answered
as a bull came crashing out of the
forest and into the clearing. When
the bull was close enough, the
guy in front said, "Okay, let’s get out
and get him."

After a moment that seemed like an
eternity, the guy in the back
shouted, "The zipper is stuck! What
are we going to do?"

The guy in the front said, "Well, I'm
going to start nibbling grass, but
you'd better brace yourself."

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Moose humor


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Moose humor

got the tears going with this one. Laugh Laugh

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Moose humor

LoL but I think someone else posted that one.

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