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Moon phase

Anyone have a theory on hunting different moon phases....is it coincidence that daylight deer activity lately is terrible Think
I am in a quality area (I think, the sign is there) but no luck so far I would like to blame this on the recent full moon.....Know a lot of oldtimmers that hunt and fish to the moons tune "no moon is great, full, stay home" I figure any time out is worth something...Just trying to drum up conversation. Thumbs up


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Moon phase

I'm not sure what area you are referring too - but locally (E Ont)this fall has been unusually warm. We haven't even had a trace of frost yet. I've heard similar things from the in-laws in NS too. That would probably be my guess. Once we get the first cold snap they should be up and moving.

I'm a big believer in the "rutting moon" (2nd full moon after autminal equinox). Some poo-poo it but the past 2 years in a row it was bang-on as to predicting the peak of the deer rut. If you think of it, pay attention to rutting activity near 16 Nov this year... Thumbs up

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Moon phase

I think the full moon enables animals to travel easier at night because they can see easier. I know a couple of hunters that swear by it and some that swear at it so who knows. I can't say that I have every checked the calendar to see what the moon was when I bagged an animal. Think

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Moon phase

I heard the same and usually our season is over by the 16 but this year it starts late

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