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Montana zone 7

I looking for some advice for a pronghorn hunt in this area. I've not hunted there before and would like a chance at a decent buck without running into too many other hunters. Anybody out there with experience in this area? thanks for the help!

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Montana zone 7

contact the Montana DNR and the can give you a list of ranchers that will let you on there land to hunt. I did this about 10 years ago near Glasgow for white tail.The guy that let us on was more than happy to let us on my buddy and I took 11 deer off there in 2 days. I havent been hunting there since. I am itchin to go antelope hunting near fort benton my wifes grand parents have a farm there. And her cousins husband owns 15,000 acres near Geraldine . Now if I could only talk her into visiting during hunting season!! she only likes to go in July.

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Montana zone 7

Unless you get permision to hunt some private ground you will run into plenty of other hunters in this area,they sell tons of over the counter surplus tags in this area and the last time i went down there it looked like a scene from madmax with all the trucks flyin across the open prarie chasin the goats.If you ar e set on hunting in an area without high numbers of hunters pick any area other than the 700s.

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