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Montana: For your viewing enjoyment:)

Thought I would post some scenic pics of Montana, get you in the "Rocky Mountain Mood".

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big hole 001.JPG
big hole 001.JPG461.73 KB
diary elk 09 002.JPG
diary elk 09 002.JPG477.82 KB
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Only been there once to visit

Only been there once to visit family,  some day I want to return to hunt that spectacullar looking country.

Thanks for sharing the Rocky mountain spirit and them pictures.

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That's really beautiful!

 I can almost hear the elk bugling in the hills and see the trout rising on that stream.

 It's a whole 'nother world from the hardwoods and swamps we hunt here in Michigan.

 Thanks for the good pics.


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Thanks for sharing those great pictures! I've only gotten to hunt the Rockies twice, but I have hopes of going again some time soon. As far as mountain vistas go, I think the most amazing thing I've ever seen was the view for the 3 hour (seems like that's right) flight from Seattle to Anchorage. I guess we flew over Britsh Columbia and the countless mountain ranges and seemingly completely inaccessible peaks were just unbelievable. 

I really enjoyed those great pictures, thanks again for sharing them! Yes

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Those are some great looking

Those are some great looking pics...I hope to venture up that way someday to hunt.

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Welcome to BGH, TwoBear!

Welcome to BGH, TwoBear! Thumbs up

Thanks for posting the pics. Any story behind the antlers on the back of the horse?

Yea, those pics will get you in the mood for wishing for tags next season. I, too, hope to make it to Montana to hunt some day soon.

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Two-Bear, Stunning is the


Stunning is the only word that does those justice!

I love the first photo, I am going to save this and make it my screen saver...

I want to get out there badly - photos like this just make it all the harder to wait!

Great work -


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Welcome to the site Two Bear!

Welcome to the site Two Bear! I think you are going to find some people that can give you sound advice and share some awesome experiences with vicariously. I love the pictures. They are awesome. You must have had a pretty nice camera to get shots of that quality. Do you mind me asking what you were using. I am in the market for a good camera so I will take any advice that I can get. Were you using a filter on any of the shots. It is going to be pretty sad if you come back and say you were using a disposable camera haha.

Tndeerhunter: I know exactly what you are talking about flying over remote mountain ranges. I have been to Alaska five or six times and everytime, one of the best parts is when you are flying over a remote mountain range. I love to think about how people have accessed the nastiest parts to kill a dall sheep or a mountain goat. The only better view of them than from just above the wing of an airliner is standing on top of one of the peaks.

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Thanks for posting the

Thanks for posting the pictures, Two Bear.  Horses are a great help for packing elk out.

I was clearing the snow in my driveway this afternoon with my snowblower.  On one of the trips up the driveway, I glanced up the hill above my house and there was a 5 or 6 point bull elk feeding near the top of the hill.  The trees are pretty scattered up there, and he stood out in the afternoon sun, and the deep blue sky above him.  It would have made a great picture.  I guess if I hadn't been blowing snow, I wouldn't have seen him.

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I attest

I will say that Montana really is as beatiful as the pictures show.  Luckily they don't have the overpopulation problem we've been plagued with in Colorado. I've also enjoyed northern Idaho, and the western parts of Oregon and Washington too.

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Beautiful pictures of beautiful places.

I have yet to see Montana in person, but I hope to get there someday.

Thanks for sharing the photos with us in the meantime.

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