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Montana Moose

I just got these two pictures of a moose that was found in Montana.  The caption was

"Crack Kills" 

A bad way for a nice animal to have to die. 



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that's sad

That's too bad.  I feel sorry for the animal and sorry for those hunters who bought a moose tag and didn't get a chance to fill it who would be grateful for this animal.  I feel the same way when I see deer dead on the shoulder of the road.  It is sad for them, but I feel the loss on a personal level because that venison will not be utilized by me or anyone I know.  Yes I know it has its place in the ecosystem for scavengers such as the coyotes and crows, but it still seems like a waste to me.  And that is just multiplied when it comes to something like a moose whose tags are so hard to draw!


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