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Montana hunters fend off pack of aggressive wolves

Two Flathead Valley men who were retrieving an elk in the South Fork Flathead drainage say they ended up fending off a pack of aggressive wolves Saturday.

They were forced to leave behind the elk, and they ended up killing one wolf, resulting in an investigation because wolves are still protected under the Endangered Species Act.

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Hey Jeff, good to see you!

We posted a blog with more info here:

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Jeff you seem to have the

Jeff you seem to have the best of both worlds splitting your time between AK and FL. 

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Man that is a crazy story.  I

Man that is a crazy story.  I am sure this will not be the last we hear of this story though.  Surely some anti's will get there noses into it and then the hunters will look as if they killed the wolves for the fun of it.  Glad to hear atleast they were able to get out of the safely.  Pack of hungry wolves would not be something I would want to deal with as much of the time I am hunting alone...maybe not in Montona though.

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Wow, unbelieveable how brazen

Wow, unbelieveable how brazen those wolves were.  I don't fault those guys for doing what they did, one bit.  I just hope they don't get slapped in the face with a fine for killing a protected species.  At least the investigation has shown that they were indeed followed by the wolfpack.

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Thats crazy, hopefully it

Thats crazy, hopefully it will help in the fight to reduce the wolf numbers. Its never a problem till people start to get hurt. I know alot of guys in ID that have permits are doing all they can. But the elk and deer numbers are dropping really fast same in WO.

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Yep, the wolves are a

Yep, the wolves are a problem, while i was in MT this year on my Elk hunt, one of the ranchers stopped by my camp, he was up rounding up his cattle, he told me that he had lost at-least 30 calfs to wolves that he new of, i don't know what a calf is worth ? but i would guess $400.00 to $500.00 each, that is a big loss for him.

He also asked me to shoot any wolf that i saw.

These transplanted wolves don't belong here, they need to remove them all. jmo



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