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Montana Castle and Crazy Mountains

Anyone have any intel on the Castle and Crazy Ranges?

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I hunted the Castles a fair

I hunted the Castles a fair bit in college, and the Crazies probably just once or twice.  Never saw an elk in either place, not even in the back of someone's truck, but got into some decent deer hunting every once in awhile, just never put it all together.  Can't say I really knew what I was doing back then though. 

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I live near the Crazies.  I

I live near the Crazies.  I have never hunted them before.  Not sure if they changed the tags to draw only or not.  Plenty of elk, and no grizzley bears.  More pressure from rifle hunters cause the elk to move to private lands.  Still plenty of public land to hunt.  Watch out for the high winds! 

Plenty of mountain goat also.


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