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Montana Bull Down!

I had a great week! I shot my bull 365 days and 10 minutes after I shot my bull last year. It was crazy! The morning hunt was slow with no elk talking. From others camping around us they had not heard or seen an elk.

The evening hunt we decided to drop into this canyon and hunt to the bottom. The first 100 yards down we ran into fresh elk sign! My hunting partner and I set up for him to shoot first. We started calling with no response. We sat there for five minutes when we heard a branch break below us. We got ready, but nothing came out.

We decided to move along the ridge another 100 yards. With both of us standing in the open, we decided to bugle and cow call. My hunting partner put his bow down to bugle (not sure why), and I decided to move over behind this dead tree just incase something came in. No response. So we just stayed quiet or 15 minutes. That’s when I looked to my left to see this bull running right at me through the trees and stopped 20 yards away. The bull was looking right past me. I had not nocked an arrow, so I was not ready. With the bull looking right at me I was able to remove an arrow and nock it. At that point the bull started to come closer and moved to my left behind a pine. I drew back waiting for him to come out for a 7 yard shot.

The wind was blowing right at him, so I new when he had stopped he was going to bust out. Still at full draw the bull turn back and started to run in the direction he came from. I had a cow call in my mouth so I was able to stop him long enough for a 20 yard quartering away shot. WACK! With just the fletching of my arrow showing, I new it was a great shot. I turned to my friend and said, "can you believe that"?

We waited 30 minutes and started tracking blood. The bull went 40 yards! I shot my bull last year on the same day and only ten minutes apart. I’m happy with this Montana 5x5 elk with a bow!

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Holy Moly.  How big is that

Holy Moly.  How big is that right side eyeguard????  Looks likes it keeps curving, and curving........

Congrats!  Heck of a bull!!!

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thats a good looking rack never seen one with an eye guard that long good job it pays to be patient!!! 

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Nice bull... congrats. Those

Nice bull... congrats. Those are some pretty good brow tines.

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Great looking

Great looking bull...congrats!

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Congratulations on a great looking bull!

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Congrats on great looking

Congrats on great looking bull ! Thumbs up

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hellofa bow kill stringmusic. watcha shooten? looks like a bowtech general or admiral maybe?

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Congrats on a great looking

Congrats on a great looking bull. Wow the brow tines don't stop! Thumbs up

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Great story!  Thanks for

Great story!  Thanks for posting!

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Excellent job on your bull.

Excellent job on your bull.

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