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Mo Conservation Department Bites

Ok i was on my way back from building a hunting blind today when i Saw and animal floping on the ground like it was hurt bad. So i go up to it and it was a baby Hawk and it was hurt kuz it let me get within id say 6 inchs infact it would let u touch it. So i called The Mo Conservation department and told them what i found. They told me that kuz it wasnt an Eagle that they would not take it kuz they dont get funding from the Gov for it so i would have to let it die. He then told me i could not touch the animal so i freaked and then i called everywhere i could think of untill i called the Arkansas conservation department. The guy there said that Mo was being a Huge *** and gave me a place i could bring the injured hawk to in Arkansas and they would have it rehabilated.
So now im happy i wouldnt have to watch a hawk die for no reason but the bird finaly did fly away after over an hour of rolling around on his back not able to really move.

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Mo Conservation Department Bites

Life and death in Nature is part of the process. If the hawk would of died, Do you think it would of been wasted? What about all the other wildlife that would of benefited from it's source of protein? Everything has to live and everything has to die. What about the mice that would of built a warm den from it's feathers? What about the coon or fox that would of got it's supper from it's meat? It's all tied together. Just because some gov agency don't jump at your bleeding wishes don't mean they are all worthless. If it wasn't for the government funding and regulations there may not be many hawks for you to cry over.
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