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Anyone familiar with hunting opportunities in Mississippi? I've looked around the Web at info, but would like to hear from those who may live and/or hunt there. Thanks!

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I moved to Mississippi 15 years ago for my hunting. I manage a couple of 700 acre tracts and a 1000 acre tract with summer and winter food plots and minerals. I've got a few open memberships with limited members on each tract to keep hunting pressure down also for safety. Members are allowed their private area and open club stands on a tag system. Dues pay for hunting lease and food plots. We are a non-profit club. Pine forest tops, hardwood bottoms, freshwater creek and branches. Average 6 and 8 pointers scoring 110 to 140. Deer, turkey, squirrel, rabbit. Immediate family welcome. If you want more info contact me at [email protected] leave phone and I'll get back to you. Ace

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Mississippi Hunting

Missississippi may well be the true outdoor sportsman's capitol. We have a huge whitetail population, hogs, ducks, squirrel, rabbit, and dove. Both freshwater and saltwater fishing are excellent. Our deer season runs from Sep 30th through February 15th. We have a multitude of Federal and State Forests and Wildlife Management Areas along with ample private and commercial land that is leased by hundreds of thousands of hunters each year for the purpose of hunting. Mississippians fervor for hunting is nearly rabid. We eat, drink, and breathe hunting through the season. While I'm not very well travelled, I could live where ever I choose, but cannot imagine leaving my Mississippi hunting season behind. Hope this helps...