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Minnesota Mourning Dove Hunt Under Attack

Sportsmen's immediate action needed to protect dove hunt

Legislation that will ban the hunting of mourning doves in Minnesota is being heard today by committees in the Minnesota House of Representatives and the Minnesota Senate. Sportsmen's grassroots action against House File 2501 and Senate File 2329 is imperative if this threat is to be stopped.

If passed, these measures would ban hunting for the nation's #1 game bird, the mourning dove. In fact, more people hunt mourning doves across the U.S. than ducks and geese combined. Anti-hunting groups have wanted to take the season away since sportsmen successfully fought to get it established in 2004. Mourning dove hunting is a time honored tradition in 40 states, including Minnesota, and there is simply no justification for ending the hunt.

Minnesota sportsmen must take immediate action to stop this impending threat. Anti-hunters see these bills as a foothold in Minnesota to attack hunting again.

We lost the right to hunt doves in my home state of Michigan, because there just weren't enough people that got involved. They are trying to take our hunting privileges away from us one species at a time and one state at a time. Get involved now......before it's too late.

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