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Minnesota bear baiting tips need help!

I started hunting bear 2 years ago and have shot 2 bears. I just started baiting this year and am having trouble getting bears to come into the bait. I think they might be just stealing a piece of bread or a doughnut and leaving. Does anyone have some better bait ideas??? I am using bread syrup licorice doughnuts and a small varity of other stuff. Or a good long distance lure to use? I am going to be taking a friend on his first bear hunt this year and dont want to disapoint him. Thanks

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Minnesota bear baiting tips need help!

We are having a really good BERRY CROP this year and bears usually wont pass up berries for left-over junk. Try using a "Scent Generator" using Raspberry oil like that used for adding smell to candy and jello, etc. Use old mellons for bait, and if they turn bad before they are consumed, get rid of them and use new stuff. Watermellon is great, but you don't need a lot of bait at one time. Put out just a little and if small bears get it, that's ok, cuz, after they've eaten it all, they'll leave. When a big bear comes and there's nothing to go along with the smell** then he'll be back earlier the next day to teach the young ones some manners.
If a bigger bear doesn't show before you leave, add some more mellon to the pile on your way out.

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Minnesota bear baiting tips need help!

I use vanilla and anise and an occasonal honey burn for long distance scent attraction. I put the vanilla or anise in a household spray bottle with veg oil ( so it doesn't evaporate as fast) and spray it all over the place. I'm trying something new next week I just picked up a garden sprayer at Menards on sunday it holds a gallon sprays about 20 feet (for those hard to reach areas) Big smile I also use chocolate frosting ,noodles ,donuts,molasses,and what ever else I can get my hands on! the bears this year are being finiky I have only been hit once so far in years past I couldn't keep enough bait in the pile

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Minnesota bear baiting tips need help!

Take some fryer grease (the stuff thats all pasty and solid) and with a paint brush, paint it onto the trees in a line 1/4 mile north and a 1/4 mile south from your bait, put it on a tree about every 15-20 ft. As long as you have a westerly wind (our prevailing wind is from the west here) you have basically just made a half mile wide scent cone and at the middle of it is your bait. This scent cone will stay there for a long time.

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