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Midwest Public Hunt - Stategy

Ok folks - here is the deal.

I am headed to Illinois again from SC - leaving tomorrow night.

I have a half day to bow hunt (Thursday) and three to shotgun hunt.

I expect a lot of hunters.

The rut is on the verge of busting loose and probably already has.

Would you find the nastiest and thickest stuff to hunt - or hunt the field edges and fence rows like you normally might if you did not expect so much hunter competition??

Got a lot riding on this one...need some good advice!


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Jim -  From what you have

Jim -

 From what you have said, I think I would use the half day to do some scouting.

 As you suggested in your question, I'd find some thick stuff and try to either locate a travel route into it (saddle, cut, draw, fencerow, whatever they might be likely to use - or are already using) OR get inside the thick stuff to find an open area.

I'm thinking of something like a wet area inside where the trees/vegetation doesn't grow.

Or maybe an abandoned road/trail or something that hasn't grown up in an otherwise thick, nasty area.

I have used this same tactic before with success when I knew the hunting pressure was going to be high.

  Be sure to check for wind direction in the forecast - and then hope it's correct. lol

  Heading for a spot on opening day with a bad wind is not good for the confidence level.


  Good Luck.



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Great points, Jaybe - and

Great points, Jaybe - and very well taken.

I am sitting here poring over some GoogleEarth images and referring to my notes and am having the same thoughts as you - sacrifice most of Thursday, if not all of it, for some scouting.

There is an area to the north of me that I have barely looked at because in the summer when I was there, it was all but impassable.

Now the woods have changed and I may be able to travel a little more freely.

I have saved the image of this area and will print and laminate it on 11 x 17 tomorrow at work to take with me.

I had intended to arrive on site about noon on Thursday, I can reduce my sleep time on Wednesday night and make it so I get there earlier.

There is precious little water there right now - it is as dry as the south is - but they are getting rain today and tomorrow...

Man, I appreciate the comments - sounds like you have been around trying to fool some of these wily old devils a time or two... I will check it out!!



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Something else you might

Something else you might consider is that the hunters are going to push the deer and the deer are going to seek refuge in areas where the hunters won't be.  It probably will be the thick stuff you mentioned so think like a deer and just one other thing.  Look for a place that not only puts you in position to get the deer, but out of the range of the other hunters who may not be careful about where they shoot.

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Well, depending on where you

Well, depending on where you think they are in the rut cycle Jim, I would sit yourself just outside the bedding are, and start hitting some horns.  If they are in that area, they are sure to come running.  If you don't think they are at that point, I would sit between bedding and feeding areas, maybe finding some sort of natural funnel.  Find a place that has alot of doe traffic, and you might find a good buck following.

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