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Mid-Tenn Bobcat or Big Cat Mystery

I know there are a few a you guys that hunt Mid-Tenn. As some know I am in Afghan for about 45 more days.  I think I have bobcats possibly snatching my chickens at home.  I know there are fox in the back forty, I have seens them personaly.  My wife hears other calls or screams at night that she thinks is a big cat.  She grew up on a bear hunting resort in upstate Minn so she is usually pretty spot on with her critters?  Any ideas out there?

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The western portion of Montgomery county and Woodlawn along with Stewart County have a good number of bobcats. I have hunted the area near where you live for over a dozen years and seen several bocats while out hunting, perhaps as many as 10. Many more bobcats than foxes, as a matter of fact. I cannot say that I've heard one scream, but I sure hear those coyotes pretty often (likely the reason for low fox sightings). There are not a lot of big pieces of unbroken forest lands around western Tn anymore that are not laced with old logging roads and fairly easy access. Much different than eastern Tn.

I seriously doubt that with the number of game cams in existence and being used regularly now that if there were any types of game unknown to the TWRA that someone wouldn't produce a nice framed 8X10 photo if there was. Hunting is very popular in our area of the state and I've met countless hunters hunting in Stewart County that traveled from the Knoxville and other eastern Tn areas because our hunting is so much better than what they find back home close to the Smokey Mountains. Now their bear population is huge, however.

It is even very difficult to find any local available hunting leases in Montgomery and Stewart Counties any more, as a matter of fact.  

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It could be anything.  Fox,

It could be anything.  Fox, bobcat, racoon, etc.  You can't rule out that it's a big cat, but I would just think it's unlikely.

Does she know how to use a trail camera??? Wink