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michigan trail cam photos

nice trail cam photos from local area


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michigan trail cam photos

better shoot him

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I see that this was from 4

I see that this was from 4 years ago. There are many, many more of them in the state now. They are being spotted more frequently than ever before and people in rural areas are losing all their barn cats to these critters.

The State was quick to act on the increase of the coyote population by making it mandatory to have a Fur Harvesters license in order to take them. This is the license that trappers need in order to trap fur-bearing animals such as mink, muskrat, beaver and so forth. Looking at the prices for pelts these days, I guess if a guy shot enough of them, it might be enough to pay him wages.

The waterfowl hunters say that the main reason that they are not seeing the numbers of ducks in recent years is because of all the eggs that predators are taking. Hopefully, enough people will want to get out after these critters that our small game animals and birds will not be decimated.


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That is a pretty good picture

That is a pretty good picture and looks to be  a really nice coyote...go get him.

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Nothing like hunting yotes.

Nothing like hunting yotes. Get out there and thin out the population.