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Meat packing/freight packs

Was wondering if anyone has any expernice with the Rhino Take-down pack. here is a link for this pack.
From what I see it can be broken down and carried with your fanny pack. The meat bag which can be attached to the frame is big enough to hold an average size deer. The thought of not having a larger pack while hunting seems more appealing than the standard size full frame pack.

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Meat packing/freight packs

I had something similar and in the end got rid of it. I decided that it was too heavy and took up too much room in my pack to carry around. I just got a military ALICE pack system and use that.

After shooting my elk I dress it out and quarter it. Then I remove the pack from the frame and strap the first quarter (or whatever) onto the frame. I rig up the backpack to hang in front of me, so now I've got a quarter on my back and my pack in front. Hike on down to my truck and drop the first load. Then I take only the frame and a small pouch with minimal survival gear back up for the next load of meat. Repeat as necessary.