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Maybe or Maybe not Hunt Africa

According to the african forum- SA is beginning to limit Plains Game hunting
or bumping up the cost which ever comes first-

look before you book

Good day all,
Just venting some anger here.
Our super efficient and considerate wildlife authority"SIC"
Have just announced that there will be no Bufallo hunting this year for us Zambians, Oh and as an after thought they have also removed any wildeebeest.
All this after actually passing a law that no Lion, Leopard, Sable and roan can be legally hunted by a Zambian.
This is African Democracy for you, God forbid any citizen, that asks for an explanation.
My wife, who hails from the land of anti hunting "England" finds it funny that all this BS from our authorities is actually depressing me.

I am going to be compelled to look for a job in the real world to afford a safari now
Meanwhile I will keep reading the hunting reports and pacify myself.
To all those going hunting, Good Luck and to those that have not booked do it now, You never know when our govrnments decide that we dont need hunting for conservation and ban hunting in Africa.