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may have screwed up?

I own a Ruger Mark II .338 Win mag(pre Hawkeye edition).  The barrel was always making a little contact with the fron of the stock.  So i decided to sand it away(composite stock).  know the gun makes a rattle noise from uop front and the gun does not seem to shoot the same as it did before.  I cannot get the same groups I was getting.  Tell me what may have happened??  What do you think about me getting a new stock from ruger and starting over.


Thanks, Marty

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338 Mag

A change in point of impact after what you've done is normal. After all, the forend was actually bending the barrel upwards ever so slightly and when you remove that pressure it should be shooting lower. If the rifle is not grouping as well, you could have one of those guns that "likes" a little forend pressure.

The rattling you're hearing, could be the forend slapping against the barrel. If the front end of the stock has enough flex in it, and the clearance between it and the barrel is minimal that can easily happen. If that's the case, this condition is worse than what you started with because now there is no consistency, sometimes the forend is touching the barrel and sometimes it's not. You should have either one or the other...consistently.

I'd take enough material out of the barrel channel so that you slide a double thickness of business card (wrapped around the barrel) along the length of the forend and not get any contact. Then try and pinch the two together at the forend tip. If you can do it easily you need to reinforce the forend. This can be done by glass bedding an aluminum rod along a groove, routed in the bottom of the barrel channel.

Of course, you could always put the forend material that you sanded away, back. A lump of fiberglass is the most durable, but you can add shim material as well. Layers of heavy duty black tape work well and you can add or remove as required.


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Triggerpress has hit the

Triggerpress has hit the bull's eye, with your problem

make sure that you have torqued your screws back down on your stock, yes I said torque (in/lbs) as perscribe by the specs.

Good luck

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