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Maryland Firearms Deer Season Opens November 27

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Maryland Firearms Deer Season Opens November 27

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Marylands Gun Season Opens And this is how ......

You know for certain that gun season has opened in Maryland based upon the following conversation ,which I can testify actually took place In Maryland / Cedarwood Forrest on Nov 27 2004 at approx 5:20 pm.

Hunter 1 says to Hunter 2 : Any luck ?

Hunter 2 replies : Well , I took a shot at a buck .

Hunter 1 responds : How big? Could you see how big the rack was?

Hunter 2 then goes on to say : Well , it may have been a buck , but then again I couldnt really tell what type it was . It may have been a dog or a doe , Im not too sure.

The moral of the conversation is simple : Use much caution while hunting with the mentally challenged . They are fun to watch but can be deadly while armed. eye roll

Be safe folks and practice defensive hunting . Always watch out for the other guy Wink

eye roll

Just my 2 cents in an overflowing pot of change ,