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Marble Mountains Wilderness Hunt

Has anyone been in the Marble Mountains Wilderness in Northern California?? I'm going to be hunting it this year for blacktail and would appreciate a little heads up on the area. How heavily hunted is it? Where would be the best trailhead to start from, etc.

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Marble Mountains

I have hunted in the Marbles as well as else where in Siskiyou, Shasta, Modoc and Del Norte Counties. For the general rifle season, it is usually busiest closest to the roads. My best success has been to backpack in (couldn't afford horses). Like most places, the farther you go in, the better chance of avoiding people.

That having been said, I bagged a big 3x3 by letting other hunters push the deer to me.

I haven't hunted the Marbles since '02, however prior to that the deer numbers seemed kind of low to me. Food seems to be the big issue, so look for the habitat that provides good access to food AND cover.

I have used several acces points, none of which really seemed to make a difference...it was distance from those points that really seemed to pay off.


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Marble Mountains Wilderness Hunt

cant say ive hunted those mountains

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Marble Mountains Wilderness Hunt

ive hunted these mountains for the first time this year and shot a 4x3 opening day. go to haypress meadows trail head. not many deer hunters there mostly elk

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