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Maintaining Our Hunting Heritage or the Kiss of Death?

what is the difference between this and catch and release fishing?

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what a disaster!

All the TV shows focus completely on the "trophy" value of an animal. I admit that it would be great to harvest a nice bull or buck someday...but i'm unwilling to veiw hunting as a competitive sport. They're missing the true value of the hunt. People are completely "horn crazy" and it will end up hurting the image of hunters.

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Maintaining Our Hunting Heritage or the Kiss of Death?

I concur. It is difficult for me to look at our outdoor lifestyle and turn it into something competitive. Hunting is not a competition sport. Every animal we harvest legally and ethically is a trophy. I just cannot justify a trophy won by competition with other hunters. The antlers on my wall and the venison in my freezer is good enough for me.

With that being said, the article was well thought out and put together.

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Tell Me Again; Exactly what is it about non-competitve sport that these fools don't understand? The ONLY COMPETION that has any place in hunting is that between the hunter and the natural instincts of the animal he/she hunts. Anything else, is just a travesty. We don't hunt to compete, we hunt to preserve our human instincts, to preserve our knowledge and feeling for nature, to learn from our mistakes, and to celibrate the fact that we are human beings! We teach our children to hunt so that they too will value the things that God has provided for them. So that they too will value the meaning of life. We don't play with killing, we don't believe in playing video games that imitate killing, we don't pretend to kill. kILLING IS NOT A GAME !!! Those that think is is, end up not placing a value on life. Guess what, they end up in gangs and drive-by shootings. They end up thinking that shooting someone with a gun is just a game. After all, they have been doing it in all their video games. Hunting is NOT A COMPETATIVE SPORT !!! Hunting and killing an animal is not something to be made fun of. It is a method of obtaining food, it is a method of a father or mother teaching their child about how to survive. It is about learning to use the very instincts that God gave you. It is about learning to cherish the animals he so generously has provided for us. It is about learning to value life.

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Maintaining Our Hunting Heritage or the Kiss of Death?


I'm the author of this article. I really like what you've said and I agree 100%. I'm wondering if you'd mind me quoting you in another article I'm doing for a Canadian publication. The article is titled, "Not Just the Kill" and I would consider it a privilege if you'd allow me to quote you. If this is alright, please e-mail me at: [email protected].

Thanks in advance.

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Maintaining Our Hunting Heritage or the Kiss of Death?

Sadly, I imagine something like this was inevitable with the way hunting has been commercialized in the last decade or two. It has been a fairly steady downhill slide into a fame and fortune media circus with he who has the biggest trophy, who produces the most DVD's or has his name listed as having achieved the largest number of newly created 'Slams' being the winner.

Large, prosperous companies who depend upon hunters to sell their products are willing to pay $100,000 to purchase large whitetail bucks to display in their retail outlets. Local big buck contests offer up large cash prizes, rifles and optics to the biggest head entered (as opposed to a draw for any head entered....giving every deer hunter a chance at the prize) thereby encouraging those among us who live in the 'gray area' to conduct illegal sorties in search of financial gain.

Increasingly we see outfitters that are no longer simple family run operations, but instead have become large commercial enterprises with multiple outfitting companies in several different countries. The existence of high fenced hunting operations for native species that are genetically enhanced through breeding programs, as if they were angus cattle, and that receive specially formulated feed and minerals for enhanced antler growth has become common place and year by year more hunters manage to convince themselves that this is OK.

Why should we find this shocking? It is just one more symptom of the disease. Mega media, big dollars and individuals seeking personal fame and glory. The opportunity to make big bucks will always attract individuals we like to call entrepreneurs, individuals with no real personal interest in a specific area other than how much profit they can generate.

It is time for hunters to take a long hard look at their 'sport' and how it is evolving. I don't like where things are heading much the same as I do not like what Christmas has become.

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Maintaining Our Hunting Heritage or the Kiss of Death?

I agree with everybody, the true hunting heritage was passed on for generations before all this garbage came out and I believe truly hunting will be around forever if we pass what we know to our generations. This is deffinetly the stupidest thing I have ever heard and I totally agree its a pile of Bullshit what are they trying to pull and Im emailing this guy soon as Im done writing this what an idiot. SO WHAT DO THEY PLAN TO DO WITH THE DEER WHEN ITS BEEN TRANKED 3 OR 4 TIMES because after that its garbage for eating you'll never be able to eat that without side affects. I know here in ontario they trank bears all the time and if they are tagged and you down one you have to call the number on the tag so they can tell you if its able to be eaten or not because of what its tranked with or how many times it has been downed by tranquilizers. Anyway I would like to know what that teaches our kids and thier kids in ten years imagine how the world would be if they all thought like this guy that its allright to go out and tranqualize an animal and get your face posted on the tv and your happy about it all I know is when that show airs Ill be pissed and my kids will never watch or hear from me about BS like that its a disgrace to our heritage and what our familys believed was right and wrong. All I have to say is this is a great saying the author of this article said::

Let's take a step back for a moment. Those of us who enjoy the 'process', share a passion of the heart. Driven by a God-given instinct to pursue, we are hunters. Chastised by some and supported by others, those of us adhering to the fair chase ethic and the right to responsibly take from our natural resources, share a kindred spirit. We are hunters, and proud of it. It's difficult to explain.

This was one of the best things Ive ever read and the article was one of the best too. Great article and Thanks for the WHA presidents addy Im emailing him now.

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