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i was wondering if i put some meat out instead of just donuts, if that might draw the bears in a little earlier? i have a big problem with a nocturnal ear and all he is doing is eating my food and not coming in during shooting hours. i have a couple of turkeys in the freezer. is it worth hanging those in a tree? if soo then how far off the ground should i hang them?

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That is the exact same problem I'm having .I started with donuts frosting molassas candy corn The bear would come in at night eat and leave usually around 10p and 5a and once at 3a I have a trail cam on the bait. I hung a turkey from a rope about 6' high ate the very bottem of it. then I lowered it to 5' left it tilll the next time.checked it the 3rd time had to cut it from the tree I almost barfed from the smell threw it in the woods and some thing finally ate it But i would start at about 5' . I switched to all meat last week and the bears aren't hitting the bait lately and now that it has rained and it's 85, it's full of maggots But they do like candy corn