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Maine Bear Hunt under attack

Bear Referendum Tops Sportsmen’s Agenda

August 18, 2003 Special Report

Maine sportsmen are braced for an all-out battle over bear hunting and trapping, following the announcement that the Humane Society of the United States has launched a citizen’s initiative to ban bear hunting with bait and dogs and bear trapping in Maine.

Maine’s Secretary of State approved the wording of the HSUS initiative in early August. The group will circulate petitions throughout the fall, and must submit 50,519 certified signatures by February 2, 2004 to qualify for the 2004 ballot. It is likely the initiative will be on the November ballot next year.

This is from the Sportsman's Alliance of Maine to read more about it go to this website. http://www.samcef.org/bear%20ref%20tops%20agendas.htm

All Maine sportsmen please help and sportsmen in other states keep your eye open.

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Maine Bear Hunt under attack

Taking bears by trap, by bait, with hounds, or in the spring is illegal here.

Better be prepared for quite a show down. Looks like hsus is batting 4 for 4. Well at least NJ got its bear hunts back this year.

Once baiting and hound hunting were banned the DOW dramatically increased the number of tags issued for black bear, to try and keep the annual harvest steady.

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