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Magnum rifle trigger pull

I am shooting a newer Remington Model 700 300WSM rifle.  The trigger pull seems a bit heavy and I am wondering what the general thoughts are as to what the trigger pull should be for the larger rifles.  I know it is a personal choice, but there must be a reasonable range to use without being to heavy or to light/dangerous.

Also, does anyone have a reasonable and accurate way to measure this without buying a $60 trigger pull gauge? 

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All of my rifles are set at 2

All of my rifles are set at 2 1/2 lbs of pull. I did buy a guage but can't remember the cost.

You can adjust the pull without a guage. The 2 1/2 lbs is what feels comfortable to me, you may like 3 or 4 lbs. It's just a number. You have to be careful not lighten it too much. Just do it in increments until you're comfortable with the pull. Once you get to a point the trigger is comfortable, make sure to slam the bolt closed several times to check to make sure it does go off. You can do a search for trigger adjustment on the net, may find directions. Or you can buy a gunsmithing book that has the directions. Walmart did have a basic gunsmithing book at one time. Good luck

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Like Ecu

Said right at about 2 1/2 to 3 pounds is good for a hunting rifle. Not too light to be dangerous and not to heavy to mess with accuracy. A good gunsmith can adjust it for about $50.

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How heavy?

How heavy does the pull seem?  Does it require enough pressure that it's causing your aim to be thrown off?  Generally a factory rifle should be around 3.5 lbs, some even 4 lbs.  Most Remington 700 that I've owned or others that I've fired have felt pretty reasonable right out of the box.  Who knows what's going on with Remington these days, not to mention that too many gun companies are so terrified of law suites that a lot of guns are now leaving the factory with extra heavy triggers and factory add-on mechanisms (J-Lok, etc) that make the gun so difficult to fire to start with. Truth be told, firearms today are just as safe as quality fireams were in the early part of the 20th century. If it doesn't feel right to you, have a gunsmith look at it, maybe he can test the trigger poundage so you don't have to buy a gauge. 

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I shoot a 7WSM and prefer the

I shoot a 7WSM and prefer the trigger light. I think it is impairative  to have a light trigger on a magnum rifle if it will be used for any medium to long ranges. It promotes being suprised by the shot and helps eliminate flinching.

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$30 to $65

RCBS makes a trigger pull scale that sale for around $36.  Lyman makes a digital trigger pull gauge for around $65.

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like ECU said all mine are

like ECU said all mine are set at 2 1/2

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I have never measure mine on

I have never measure mine on my .338WM but it is kinda heavy and I personally like it that way...I have some guns with a light trigger and they are fine...sometimes I just have a tendency to put to much pressure on the trigger and it goes off early.

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It seems like you are

It seems like you are distinguishing between trigger pull for magnum and standard calibers. I'm not sure that is necessary. I would pick a reasonable weight and just stick with it for all your guns.

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