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Mad Cow and Hunting

Does anyone think that this mad cow disease is going to affect bring our game back even more next year? This year after I shot my buck, I had to have the whole thing caped, butchered and the skull had to be completely cleaned out. To me it seems that our govt is getting carried away with this. It was alot easier to just bring our whole deer back across the border. Any thoughts?

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Mad Cow and Hunting

I'll throw in my two cents.

While it is hard to judge human reaction to risk, I don't see how this first case of mad cow in the States could cause more sanctions going from Canada to the States on cervids. Of course, I didn't understand the rational behind the original ban in the first place.

There is zero proof that CWD has anything to do with mad cow, other than both being prion based.

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Mad Cow and Hunting

i agree

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